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I love movies.I love reading and writing. I love painting, drawing and making films. I like photography , sculpture and all kinds of arts. I like philosophy , science , physics , I like life. I like cheese =). I like smiling and meaning it. I like laughing. I like sobbing. I like relating to people and talking when necessary . I love languages and I love learning new ones. English is my second language and I also speak a little French and I like Japanese and Italian also. =) If I could I would learn all languages that existed on earth and I would probably end up with this giant head. I like dreaming. I like visualizing . I like thinking, sleeping, swimming, singing and listening to music. dancing, taking notes about the things I like or writing down quotes. I like colorful things, I like dark things. I love light. I love little lights around the trees.I like trees and saintbernard dogs. I like all types of people but dark hair attracts me a bit more.I like girls with curves. I love poetry. Rimbaud is my soulmate. and I love boheme.I love going inside a person's mind and soul and learn about them, understanding them ,loving them.I love writing scripts and plays and little stories. and also poems. I like writing anything worth writing.I like to give people hope and true advice. I like to stand for what I believe. I suspect and question everything. And to ease my mind I just let go.

I like everything about life. I also wish to feel more. and to tell more. to give more.

and to feel in return. I want the truths and I believe in the positive sides of everything.

I like to stand in darkness and look into the light. I like to get over something. to find a way to deal with obstacles. to overcome them.

and I like real stories. I love illustrated or not , children books.

I like sad , funny , angry cartoon characters and mischief makers.
I like corn flakes.
I like all kinds of music and I love gremlins.
I like vampire stories , stickers , sleeping to my favorite soundtracks
I like accents, british , scottish and irish especially. I love the people. Like vikings,I think I have some viking ancestors.
I like going to the cinema with someone I truly love and when there is only a few people. It is the most peaceful thing for me.
I like fanfiction. But I rarely get fanatical about something.and then I lose my focus and interest.

I like to keep an open mind and see things and people as a whole. Good and bad. So I dont ever judge them but try to see them instead.

I tend to not become obsessed with one thing for a long time lets say more than a week . I dont like pushing things too much. or spending my attention on them for too long. But I do tend to rely on things that I truly care for , for a long time , and compassionately. I relax that way
I dont know. That's it for now.I am deeply ambivalent.and not *. (*Angel quote)

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

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